Report Issues in Your Suite

We rely on our tenants to communicate any repairs, broken furniture or appliances, or accidental issues to our maintenance team. We appreciate the chance to resolve your issue in a timely manner.

After Hours Emergency?

Call our line at 250-469-3063 & leave a message with our call service.
Include your name, phone number, unit and a brief description of the issue.

Our After Hours Team will get back to you promptly in the event of an emergency.

Issues that can wait will be dealt with the next business day.

On the Calendar

How To Be a Successful Tenant

Be the best tenant you can be by reviewing our Tenant Rules and Guidelines.

FAQ’s & Important Information

Parking spots are available for $200/4-month term on a first come, first served basis. Fill out our Parking Application if interested in securing a spot. Visitor parking is available. Residents must register visitors’ vehicles. You will need to submit your guest’s name, license plate number, car make, model and colour. Please also include the day(s) that parking is required. Note: Submitting a visitor parking request does not guarantee a parking spot. Fill the form out only if you have secured a visitor parking spot & will be staying overnight. Please note residents cannot park in visitor parking; they must purchase underground parking or park in available spots on the road.

Veda Living is proud to offer an array of amenities for your use! Take advantage of the Games Room, Club Room, and Fitness Room for the best student living experience. Amenity spaces are for tenants; guests are welcome but must be accompanied by a tenant to preserve our beautiful spaces. Check out the amenities page for more information.

Need a cup of joe? Coffee is located in the Club Room at Lakeview. For $1 a cup, you can be caffeinated day and night for those long study sessions.

We have storage lockers available for rent for VEDA residents on a first-come-first-serve basis. We rent a limited number of lockers on a 4-month term basis (September 1 – December 31, January 1 – April 31, and May 1 – August 31). Lockers are steel mesh and are 6 ft tall by 2 ft wide by 3 ft deep. The cost is $100/term and is due prior to receiving a key for your locker. If you are interested in renting a locker, please fill out the Storage Locker Application here.

We have partnered with ArcWifi to provide you the fastest Internet available. Your suite is equipped with WiFi access; your WiFi password is emailed to you after registering with our network.


For Tech Support, contact 1-833-411-2147 (No answer? Leave a message with your name, building, suite, and number)
Available 24/7

Subletting your suite is an option if you are going to be traveling elsewhere during your lease. You are welcome to sublet to another student (reminder: our suites are single-occupancy only) for a period of 1 month or longer. More information on subletting here. Please note, you are still the tenant, and you are now acting as the Landlord for your subletter. You will continue to pay rent to your Landlord (VEDA), and you are responsible for collecting rent from your subletter. While we do not advertise or do viewings to help sublet your room, we do offer a Sublets Available at VEDA group for your posting convenience. Subletting can be successful Fall, Winter and Spring! Advertise early, make the effort to respond to interested parties in a timely manner and always post photos with your ads. Tenants must submit their sublet for approval before allowing access to the suite.

Our Cleaning Checklist & Repair Cost List can be viewed here. All residents should be aware that upon move-out, their suite should be left in a tidy state with no damages. Residents will be charged back, as per the list, for any damages, furniture replacement or extra cleaning required.

You can rent the BBQs ahead of time during regular business hours. How?

1. Plan ahead! Stop by the front desk to inquire about available dates
2. Watch this video on HOW TO operate a BBQ
3. Read & sign our BBQ Rental form at the front desk
4. Pick up the BBQ key & cooking tools. Enjoy grilling!

We want our residents to enjoy the BBQ area, and as you can imagine, safety is our number one concern. It’s everyone’s responsibility at VEDA to understand that propane gas can be dangerous if not treated with care. Please do not smoke near the BBQ’s. Know where the outdoor fire extinguishers are located before use. Make sure to clean up after yourself and put all garbage from your BBQ in the outdoor trash can located nearby (fines will be given for any mess/damages). Recycle wherever possible by taking your items inside & down to the waste/recycling room.

If you are locked out, here are some options:
1. Try your intercom. You can let yourself in the building by calling your cell phone from the intercom at the front entry, answering your cell phone, and pressing/holding “9” on your phone keypad.
2. If it’s during regular business hours, you can come to the front lobby to be let in. In the event that you misplaced your fob permanently, please let us know so that we can deactivate your lost fob and purchase a new one. (Replacement fees: blue fob $50, mail key $25, parkade fob $50, key tag $10)
3. If it’s after business hours, call the Resident Services line and leave a message.

TIP: Save your suite code in your phone so you don’t forget it.

For move-out information, please click here.

Quiet Hours begin at 11PM every night. Experiencing a noise disturbance? We highly recommend first talking with your neighbour face-to-face to let them know how they are impacting you and kindly asking them to be more mindful. Often times in shared living situations, people don’t always know how they impact other people nearby. Give them the chance to improve. If an issue persists, please issue a Noise Complaint to including suite, date, time and details.

  • Monthly fire alarm system tests occur on the last Thursday of every month.
  • Familiarize yourself with our Fire Plan located near each elevator door. In the event of a fire alarm, please exit the building.
  • Did you know it’s against the law to tamper with the smoke detector in your suite? Never tamper with, cover, or remove your smoke detector or you could be fined. Contact immediately if there is an issue with your smoke detector.

Tenants must dispose of their garbage & recycling in the provided bins located in the waste rooms of the parkade (located in Parkade P1 near the overhead parkade door). Keep your suite clean & clear of full garbage bags or recycling containers to avoid issues with insects or pests. Remove your garbage frequently. CLICK HERE for how to sort your garbage & recycling!

To sign up with Modo carshare parked onsite behind The Pines, visit modo here.

Residents enter the building with their provided fob. If you have lost your fob, notify VEDA management immediately to deactivate it. If you have any access issues, contact immediately.

We are proud to offer easy-to-use Coinamatic laundry facilities for your convenience. All washers & dryers are card-operated. Remember to use detergents with the HE symbol to prevent damages/leaks. Require a refund? Click here for Coinamatic.

  • Clean the lint traps regularly to avoid fire hazards! Simply locate the square lint trap located on the wall or ceiling by the dryer, open the trap using the knob, clean the lint, and replace the cover when done.  This also ensures your clothes dry in the shortest amount of time
  • Set a timer on your phone so you don’t forget about your clothes. Don’t make your fellow VEDA neighbours wait to use the machines

As a tenant, you are responsible for:

  • Unclogging your toilet
  • Unclogging your sink or shower drains

Try these helpful YouTube tutorials:

How to unclog your toilet
How to unclog your toilet without a plunger
Unclogging drains

*If you require further assistance, please contact Resident Services. Plumbing invoices will be charged back to the tenant if the issue was preventable and/or tenant-caused.

Bike storage is free. You just have to register your bike with Project529 & then inform us via this Bike Registration form to receive a key that will give you bike room access. Note: bikes are not allowed to be stored in stairwells, corridors, elevators, or in your unit.

  • Get a good lock. We don’t recommend cable locks.
  • Store your bike indoors. While outdoor racks are available, we do not recommend storing your bike outside overnight.

Smoking of any kind on the premises, on any terrace, or within 6 meters of any door, window or air intake is expressly prohibited & will result in a $200 fine. Smoking includes use of any tobacco, marijuana, or similar products (including e-cigarettes), whose use generates smoke or vapour.

  • No smoking allowed within 6 meters of entrances and exits
  • No smoking allowed anywhere within the building, including suites & balconies

In the interest of the health of our residents, as well as the quality of indoor air and enjoyment of the premises, Veda Living is a smoke-free environment. As per our lease, there is a zero tolerance no-smoking policy indoors, on terraces, and near all entry doors. All complaints regarding smoking will be investigated and addressed. Ultimately, residents will be fined and if necessary, evicted. Respect your neighbours.

Letter mail and packages can be mailed to your VEDA address. Each building has a mailbox area on the 1st floor. If your package doesn’t fit in your mailbox, Canada Post will place the package in our Canada Post Parcel Lockers. Other delivery couriers contact tenants via the Intercom or leave behind a delivery slip.

To register your extra appliance (fridge/freezer), please click here.

Kelowna Office

842 Academy Way
Kelowna, BC
V1V 3A4

Monday to Friday: 10AM – 6PM

Resident Services:
250-469-3063 ext. 1

General Inquiries:

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Our goal is to make your stay at VEDA as comfortable, positive & memorable as possible.

As your property manager, it’s nice to know that we love student living! Started by students over 15 years ago, Domus Inc. has become the market leader in student accommodation management with a portfolio of over 4,000 beds across Canada. This growth and success have been built by a team of passionate, professional individuals who know what the student experience is all about: learning more about the world and yourself while making lasting memories.