Tenant Rules & Guidelines

UPDATED: September 1, 2018

Veda Living is a community comprised of 566 modern micro-suite units. It is our hope you will enjoy our facilities built with students in mind and that you will feel comfortable in your new home away from home. The goal is for all VEDA tenants to comfortably enjoy their living space. For this reason, it is imperative for the landlord to ask that you exercise a greater degree of consideration in conducting your activities than you would in a detached home.

Due to the proximity of other suites, your activities will more directly affect your neighbours and you will be more aware of your neighbours than in an individual dwelling

Your co-operation in abiding by the following rules will help to maintain desirable living conditions for all tenants and make your residence a quiet, respectable place to live. For the purpose of these rules, the following terms are noted:

‘Tenant’ refers to the Resident, or the occupant of the suite

‘Landlord’ refers to the owners, BTC Student Housing Kelowna Ltd. & VEDA 800 Kelowna Student Housing Ltd., along with the property management team care of Domus Student Housing

‘Veda’ refers to 842 Academy Way, 840 Academy Way, 802 Academy Way, 800 Academy Way, KELOWNA, BC

‘Common space(s)’ refers to spaces intended for any/all VEDA residents, including outdoor spaces. Examples include, but are not limited to: hallways, lobbies, gym, games room, balconies, club room

  • All VEDA suites are single occupancy only. No persons other than the tenant covered in the rental agreement are permitted to occupy the premises
  • Rent is due and payable in advance by the 1st day of each month. Please consult your resident services manager immediately if for any reason you cannot pay your rent when it is due. Repeated late or missed rent payments will result in eviction
  • Tenants are expected to maintain their living space to a reasonable standard. Any tenant who is of unhealthy or unsanitary living habits who creates a nuisance as defined by Provincial Law will be subject to eviction
  • Quiet hours are between 11pm and 7am seven days a week in consideration of other tenants. Boisterous activity or unnecessarily loud noise due to talking, playing of musical instruments, stereos or TVs will not be tolerated at any time. Loud parties will not be permitted at any time
  • Consuming alcohol in common spaces is prohibited
  • Smoking of any substance is strictly prohibited inside all VEDA buildings, including balconies. Smoking is only permitted 6 metres from any VEDA building and in designated smoking areas
  • VEDA Rental Application must be submitted where the permanent tenant anticipates a sublet of their rented premises. Management has the right to refuse any application for sublet. Should a tenant sublet their rented premises without approval from management, a Notice to Evict will be served. Sublet terms are for periods of 30 days or more; no short-term rentals are permitted at VEDA
  • The owner of the premises is not responsible for the loss by fire or theft of a tenant’s belongings. All VEDA tenants are required to carry valid Tenant’s Liability and Personal Property Insurance throughout the duration of their tenancy at VEDA
  • Pets are not allowed at VEDA without written approval from VEDA Management. Approval from management is also required for animals who are visiting the premises
  • It is against the law to cover a smoke detector, to park in front of a fire hydrant or in fire lanes, and to tamper with fire safety devices
  • Intentionally causing a false fire alarm is strictly prohibited and is subject to a fine of up to $1000 by the Kelowna Fire Department. Anyone caught pulling a fire alarm in a non-emergency will be reported to the Fire Department
  • “Emergency Exit” doors are always to remain closed unless there is an emergency. Opening an Emergency Exit without due cause is subject to fine and disciplinary action
  • Tenants are responsible for the conduct of their guests, including any damages, theft or other issues. Guests include anyone a tenant allows into the building. Tenants are not to allow strangers into the building
  • Missing parkade and door fobs must be reported to VEDA management immediately, so they can be deactivated for security purposes. Parkade fob replacement is $50, front door fob replacement is $50
  • Garbage must be wrapped and disposed of in accordance with building instruction (Garbage rooms are in P1 of Lakeview, and P1 of Sunset Ridge). Boxes shall be broken down and folded. Recycling is to be sorted into appropriate Forever Green bins. Tenants are responsible for proper disposal of larger items (mini fridges, etc.)
  • No personal belongings are to be left in the hallway (shoes, etc.) Small doormats are acceptable
  • Visitor Parking stalls are for visitors only, for a maximum of 8 hours at a time. Violators will be towed at the owners’ expense
  • Valid parking permits must always be displayed in vehicles parked in VEDA parkades. Unregistered vehicles parked in VEDA Parkades will be towed at the owners’ expense
  • Windows are to remain closed and locked when suite is unattended. Climbing in or out of windows is prohibited and tenant will be subject to disciplinary action by landlord
  • Pictures or wall hangers shall be hung using 3M Command strips. If small nails are used, holes must be patched and painted prior to move out and must be inconspicuous. Screws are not recommended and if used, tenant will be subject to repair costs before or upon move-out
  • Laundry rooms are for the use of VEDA tenants only. Please do not overload washers or dryers. Remove all laundry as soon as washer or dryer cycle is complete
  • Please advise management as soon as possible of any repairs required anywhere on the premises (this includes common areas)
  • All VEDA leases are 12-month minimum fixed term leases with the option to renew or terminate each year for up to 3 consecutive years. All VEDA leases end August 27th at 2pm. Renewal or termination notice must be received by January 15th of the year the tenant wishes to terminate 
  • Should a tenant wish to break their lease before the fixed term end date, a replacement must be found to take over the remaining months of the lease. Tenants will be held responsible for all aspects of their lease until a Lease Takeover has been successfully completed or until the end of their fixed term tenancy. Lease Takeovers are not prohibited with less than 6 months remaining in a lease agreement 
  • Tenants shall be completely out of the suite by 2pm on the last day of tenancy, and all VEDA property including fobs, keys, permits, etc. must be returned to landlord 
  • Tenants are responsible for all cleaning of the suite at move out. Any additional cleaning will be subject to additional charge or loss of deposit

The above rules are designed to protect the premises and to set standards for the convenience of all VEDA tenants. It is our hope that you will understand and respect their necessity and that we can count on your full co-operation.   – TEAM VEDA