Subletting Your Suite

As a resident of Veda Living, you are allowed to sublet your suite.
Read the below information to understand your responsibilities & learn some great tips
for a smooth subletting experience.

Conditions for Subletting:
  • Your sublet must be a student & approved by Veda Living Management
  • Your sublet arrangement must be for a minimum of 1 month
  • If you are terminating your lease at the end of summer, your sublet must move out & return your keys on the last day of your lease (August 27th by 2:00PM) – please make this clear, no late move-outs
How It Works:

  • You remain our tenant and you act as the landlord to your sublet
  • You continue to pay rent to VEDA, your sublet pays rent to you

We find the best place to post your available sublet is on Facebook – students seem to look there first for short-term rentals. You can also post on Kijiji, Castanet, or any other local websites. We also have a Sublet Facebook Page we refer people to when looking for a sublet available at our location throughout the year.

TIP: Always post photos when you advertise your suite!
No one looks at an ad without photos.

The Process

1. When you have a prospect lined up to be your sublet, confirm they are a student by receiving a copy of their Student ID.

    • If they are a student, they do not need to fill out the VEDA Rental Application.
    • If you are unsure if they are a student, have the prospect submit a Rental Application. Ask them to select SUBLET for the Rental Details section & provide your name when prompted.

2. Once VEDA has approved your sublet’s application via email, we recommend you sign an agreement with them. Feel free to use our templates that you can modify to suit your agreed upon terms.

3. We recommend you secure a deposit from your sublet. In BC, a deposit can not be more than half a month’s rent. We also recommend that you arrange a monthly rent payment method. (Remember: you still pay rent as the original tenant, your sublet pays their rent to you.)

4. When your agreement is signed & you have received a deposit, communicate your successful sublet arrangement to management by filling out the online form below. Any tenant who sublets their suite must fill out this form so VEDA is aware of all residents on the property and so that VEDA can communicate any tenant updates to your sublet. Failure to update management could result in a fine or eviction.

5. We encourage you to do a Condition Inspection Report with your sublet so you inspect the suite together (keep the original, give a copy to your sublet). It’s also a good idea to take pictures before handing over your suite to your sublet. Click here for a handy cleaning checklist.

Keep in mind: At the end of your tenancy, we do a move out inspection and as our resident, you will be expected to leave behind a clean suite. You will be responsible for any repairs or extra cleaning required. Click here for our Repair Cost List to help prevent damage in our suites.