Renter’s Insurance

What is renter’s insurance?

All tenants at VEDA are required to have renter’s insurance. This is for your own belongings (anything you own in your suite, including any bicycle stored in a bike room) and liability (if you were to cause any damage in your suite or on the property). We are requesting proof of insurance as per our lease with you. Our leases state that tenants insurance is required for the tenancy (check out section 8 in your lease below).

INSURANCE: Tenant shall, during the entire period of the tenancy at his sole cost and expense, obtain and keep in full force and effect, content and liability insurance in an amount which the Landlord, acting reasonably, considers adequate. The Tenant agrees to provide the Landlord, upon demand at any time, proof that all insurance is in full force and effect.

Good To Know:

  • 842 & 840 Academy Way were built in 2016.
  • 800 & 802 Academy Way were built in 2018.
  • Construction: Frame (Wood)
  • Type: Primary Residence
  • Occupancy: Apartment
  • Heating: Electric
  • Fire Hydrant within: 300M
  • Firehall within: 8kms

Parents Home Insurance

If you have a parent with home insurance in Canada, you can most likely be added as a rider. Contact them to have your parent(s) check with their provider. Once you have confirmed coverage, just send us a copy of the agreement OR a letter from the provider noting that you are covered so we can update your tenant file.

Western Financial Group

You can get your renter’s insurance through any insurance provider however, we have partnered with Western Financial Group to offer a Tenant Package.

Interested in registering with WFG?

For $250 annually, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing someone is looking out for you. At Western Financial Group, it’s our job to make sure you have the coverage you need. Protecting yourself and the things you love has never been easier!

Contact them today!

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