The information on this page is for current residents who have given proper notice to terminate which has been accepted by the Landlord. If this does not apply to you, you may not book a move-out inspection.

Moving out? Thanks for being a part of the crew! Let’s get you equipped with all you need to know about move-out so you can ensure you receive your full deposit back.

At the move-out inspection, your suite must be completely cleaned & damage-free to receive a full refund of your deposit.

Check out our handy Cleaning Checklist and the Damages Chargeback List to avoid any extra repair costs or cleaning fees.

Nothing can be left in the suite other than the provided furniture, appliances, remotes & keys. To return your FOB, keys, cards, permit, etc., please leave them on the counter in your suite.

Request a repair.

Make sure to fill out a maintenance request before end of July to ensure any damages in your suite are fixed prior to your move-out inspection.

You have 3 options for your move-out inspection:

    • You can book a move-out inspection where you will be present, OR
    • You can give permission for your sublet to be present & sign your move-out inspection on behalf of you, OR
    • You can book an inspection after moving out & give Veda permission to conduct the inspection without you present

Select who will be present at the move-out inspection to begin booking:

Helpful information about moving out

Your move-out inspection could result in one of three ways:

Tenant completely cleaned suite, extra cleaning not required

Tenant attempted to clean suite but left certain areas or appliances that will need cleaned before the next tenancy

Tenant did not attempt to clean & will be charged

When we have to send in a cleaning crew to a suite that needs touch-up cleaning, we can not just charge you piecemeal for each area that needs attention. Our crew will go over everything, so at minimum you will be charged $145 if we need to send in a cleaning crew.


Storage Locker key must be returned, if applicable. Replacement fee is $25.

Moving carts or dollies will not be available.
Please plan ahead!

Thank You & all the best in your future!